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Canada: O, Brave New World…

June 10, 2013

…that has such people in it.

A $32 billion energy corporation has filed a massive lawsuit against an Ontario environmentalist named Esther Wrightman.

It’s a SLAPP suit: Strategic litigation against public participation.

It’s not really about legal arguments. It’s about crushing Wrightman with legal bills and burning up her time, so she can’t spend time campaigning against them.

The lawsuit doesn’t allege Wrightman vandalized their property, or trespassed, or anything like that. Their complaint is that, on her homemade website, Wrightman mocked the company’s name. She even had the temerity to publish a satirical version of their logo.

That’s it. That’s why they hired three lawyers at one of Canada’s largest law firms, McCarthy Tetrault, to sue her into the ground.

And the only reason you have not heard of this lawsuit — the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is not defending her free speech, the CBC has not put this on their nightly news — is because the corporate bully here is not an oil company like Exxon. It’s a wind turbine company called NextEra.

Sun News

The only consolation is that the $32 billion company will rapidly become a 32 cent company when the government and its electors finally wake up to the magnitude of this scam. Meanwhile, if you’re an alarmist, check the previous post and keep sniffing your armpits.

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