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UK: Good news! — Anglican Church decides to ignore Bible

June 7, 2013

Yes, we know it says homosexuals should be killed, but fuck, eh — what’s a little thing like a direct command from God when you weigh it against the chance of losing parishioners?

The Church of England has effectively accepted defeat over gay marriage signalling that it will no longer fight against a change in the law.

In a short statement, the established Church said that the scale of the majorities in both the Commons and Lords made clear that it is the will of Parliament that same sex couples “should” be allowed to marry.

The Bishop of Leicester, who leads the bishops in the House of Lords, said they would now concentrate their efforts on “improving” rather than halting an historic redefinition of marriage.


PZ Myers has a nice take on the decision here:

  1. Jon permalink

    And how is it your reason works so differently to most other people’s?

  2. Reason, of course. 🙂

  3. Jon permalink

    Then what IS it based on?

  4. It’s times like these that I’m glad my opposition to gay marriage isn’t dependent on some holy book.

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