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Australia: ‘Satan made me kill eleven people’

May 28, 2013

Or I could just be a liar and a thief.

The 35-year-old nurse had stolen hundreds of oxycodone tablets — powerful opiate-based painkillers — from the western Sydney facility the night before, court documents state. While the theft had been discovered, no one yet knew he was involved.

Dean, who yesterday pleaded guilty to 11 murders and eight counts of grievous bodily harm relating to the blaze, is a Christian who told police “it was Satan” telling him to do it.

The Australian

Tough choice.

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  1. Carole best permalink

    Poor old Satan. He gets the blame for all the bad stuff these days. It’s much tougher to recognize you were motivated by selfishness, greed, desperation and your normally clear thinking mind (not so sure about that, but he should be given the benefit of doubt) was drug addled and weary after a hards days work nursing the old and infirm.
    Simple really.

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