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UK: Good news, bad news

May 21, 2013

SENIOR members of the Church of Scotland have voted to let some congregations choose ministers who are in same-sex relationships – an important compromise that must still pass further hurdles before it can become church law.

The church’s General Assembly on Monday backed a motion affirming a traditional conservative view on homosexuality, but permitted liberal congregations to ordain openly gay men or women if they wish….

Monday’s decision came after a lengthy debate on the issue, which has divided the church of about 400,000 members for years. Two congregations have split from the church over the issue.

The Australian

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron is facing a crisis of confidence from within the Tory party after a backroom revolt about his bill to legalise gay marriage.
In a late development during the third reading of the bill in the House of Commons to introduce rights for gay civil partnerships, an amendment to extend the same right to heterosexual couples was awash with a wave of support from scores of Tory backbenchers. The former Tory minister Tim Loughton, who opposed the same-sex marriage bill, introduced the amendment, which, if adopted, would delay the introduction of the gay marriage bill for two years.

The Australian

I.e. till they’re no longer around to carry the can.


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