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NZ: What happens in Antioch…

May 21, 2013

…doesn’t happen in New Zealand!

The owners of a New Zealand guesthouse who refused to let a lesbian couple share a bed are standing firm despite threats…

Lesbian couple Jane Collison, 30, and Paula Knight, 45, decided not to stay at the lodge on May 7 after being told they could only have a room with single beds….

Mrs Ruskin said she and her husband did not hate homosexuals and were happy for them to carry on with their lives.

“Everyone knows what homosexual activity is. It’s quite clear if two guys rent one bed you know what’s going to happen. We have to protect our other guests.”…

The couple was Antioch Orthodox Christian and had a small chapel inside the lodge, but Mrs Ruskin said she did not discriminate against other religions…


‘Protect our other guests’? From what?

But I have a sneaking sympathy for the Antioch Orthodox Church. It’s like the little kid with glasses who hangs around the sports oval, hoping someone will pick him to be on a real team. Antioch never answers their calls. And they’ve never stoned anyone, to my knowledge.


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