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US: Roanoke County — be scared!

May 15, 2013

Be very scared.

Al Bedrosian won a drawing this morning that followed a tie in Saturday’s GOP firehouse primary. That makes him the Republican nominee for Roanoke County supervisor from the Hollins District. Because opening prayers at supervisors’ meetings have been debated before the board recently, and because Bedrosian has specifically made that a campaign issue, the following essay he wrote seems relevant. It was published in The Roanoke Times in 2007.

By Al Bedrosian

As a Christian, I think it’s time to rid ourselves of this notion of freedom of religion in America.

Now that I have your attention, let me take a moment to make my case. Freedom of religion has become the biggest hoax placed upon the Christian people and on our Christian nation.

When reading the writings of our Founding Founders, there was never any reference to freedom of religion referring to a choice between Islam, Hindu, Satanism, Wicca and whatever other religions or cults you would like to dream up. It was very clear that freedom to worship meant the freedom to worship the God of the Bible in the way you wanted, and not to have a government church denomination dictate how you would worship.

Dan Casey

So you just gosh-darn well get into that pew and pray, Sanjay!


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