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US: To all atheists who insist on your legal rights…

May 13, 2013

…tell your little sisters to expect intimidation.

I asked Gage what his parents thought about all of this. He said his mother, a non-theist, has been supportive the whole way though she’s worried about his safety. His dad, who’s religious, wasn’t supportive at first, but came around to Gage’s side after hearing more about the issue. The biggest concern on dad’s end is for Gage’s sister, an eighth grader.

She’s in middle school, and the way her classmates are treating her, you would think she was the person who contacted FFRF in the first place. There’s been no physical harassment, but students have said mean things to her, some won’t look at her, and in one instance she couldn’t even get a class project done because her group members refused to talk to her. She understands why Gage is fighting this battle and generally agrees with it (as much as an eighth grader can, anyway), but it’s still tough to deal with the entire school bus “screaming at her.”

Some students have also told Gage’s girlfriend that he should stay from them or else they’ll punch him. Gage sees these as petty threats that probably won’t be carried out, but still.

Go, Gage!


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