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Australia: The Child, the Priest, the Cop and the Other Cops

May 7, 2013

‘Catholic Mafia’ accused of interfering with police investigations into child abuse.

A ”Catholic mafia” within the ranks of Newcastle police colluded with church leaders to cover up sex abuse in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, an inquiry into the abuse has been told.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox told the inquiry on Monday that while on leave his office had been raided, he and other police had been pulled off investigations into the alleged cover-up of child sex abuse and a colleague told him about a ”Catholic mafia” within the ranks of Newcastle police.

”I just didn’t trust other police,” he said.


  1. Jon permalink

    Thanks — I’ve added a post on this madness.

  2. C Fraser permalink

    My comment is not related but I wanted to share this piece of religious madness

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