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Bangladesh: Islamists demand the right to intolerance

May 6, 2013

AT least 22 people were killed as Bangladeshi police fought pitch battles with tens of thousands of hardline Islamists in the capital Dhaka.

Dhaka police spokesman Masudur Rahman said police used sound grenades, water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse at least 70,000 Islamists who were camped at a key commercial district in a push for a new blasphemy law.

“We were forced to act after they unlawfully continued their gathering at Motijheel. They attacked us with bricks, stones, rods and bamboo sticks,” he said, adding that the protesters had dispersed early this morning.

Police inspector Mozammel Haq at Dhaka Medical College Hospital said 11 bodies were taken to the clinic including several who were hit by bullets and a policeman who had been hacked in the head by protesters with machetes.

The Australian

Because if people can be rude about your Invisible Friend, then you might as well be dead.


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