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US: How do you deal with uncomfortable truths?

May 3, 2013

Burn the books that contain them.

The caption from the [San Jose State University] website reads:

This week we received a deluge of free books from the Heartland Institute {this or this }. The book is entitled “The Mad, Mad, Made World of Climatism”. SHown above, Drs. Bridger and Clements test the flammability of the book.

Watts Up With That?

Do they know the way, in San Jose?

Apparently they do, because the offending photo has been removed; though not before it was duly noted and archived.

Update: A commentator on WattsUpWithThat points out that San Jose State University used to win weather forecasting competitions — the operative term being ‘used to’: go to and search for ‘Philip Tomas’.

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