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Australia: Catholic sect admits supporting and covering up pedophilia

May 3, 2013

THE Christian Brothers admit they were aware of abuse complaints against two brothers at Ballarat in Victoria but failed to tell police.

The Catholic order had at least four confirmed pedophiles working in Ballarat in the 1970s, deputy province leader Brother Julian McDonald told a Victorian parliamentary inquiry…

But Brother McDonald admitted the order’s failure to alert police was because leaders in those days saw offending as a “moral failure”, and abusers were merely reprimanded…

Brother McDonald said there had been 266 complaints of abuse made against the Christian Brothers in Victoria, 20 of which had not been pursued.

But hey, they’re only child rapists, right?

Six brothers have been jailed for sexual abuse, four of whom remain in the order.

The Australian

Here’s a tip: if you really want to convince anyone that you’re not harbouring pedophiles, then don’t harbour pedophiles.


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