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UK: BBC ‘disappears’ documentary that casts doubt on official Jewish history

April 27, 2013

A BBC documentary set to air last night has been mysteriously pulled from the broadcaster’s line-up and has so far failed to appear on its online iPlayer service.

The programme, entitled, “Jerusalem: An Archaeological Mystery Story” was set to air on BBC Four last night at 9pm but was sharply pulled from the line-up in lieu of a programme called, “The Man Who Discovered Egypt” – a repeat of documentary about the British Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie.

The Jerusalem programme was noted by the Guardian’s Martin Skegg as, “likely [to] ruffle some feathers” as it deals with the sensitive subject of Jewish exile from Jerusalem in 70AD. The Radio Times website maintains a description of the documentary by Israeli filmmaker Ilan Ziv: 

“The exile of the Jewish people has played a central role in Christian and Jewish theology for nearly 2,000 years, even being mentioned in Israel’s national anthem and its declaration of independence. But what if the exile never actually happened?”

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