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Nigeria: I want to pray for you…

April 25, 2013

…can I have your underwear?

The police in Lagos on Monday arraigned a 25-year-old pastor, Tommy Issachar, over an alleged stealing of a female church member’s underwear and N10,000 cash…

The prosecutor, Cpl. Kehinde Olatunde … 

“The complainant and her husband accommodated him (pastor) in their house for three nights to conduct a special prayer session related to her husband’s business,” he said….

“At first, the accused denied taking those underwears but later confessed that he actually took them.

“He said that he wanted to use them to pray for her, but denied taking the money,” the prosecutor said.

Mr. Olatunde said that after the underwear was recovered from the accused, he had been sending series of threat text messages to the complainant.

And suddenly it’s not so funny.

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