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US: Death is good for you, says prize-winning wingnut

April 24, 2013

Holding a Templeton essay contest is like putting treacle in a bucket as a lure for cockroaches: it wastes a lot of treacle, but at least it concentrates all the stupid in one place.

Cave’s essay, however, is meant to make a virtue of this necessity. Death, he argues, is a good thing, and for numerous reasons. Well, maybe it’s good because when you’re old, decrepit, and ill, you are ready to go.  But in a world without death, that wouldn’t be the case, for death is the result of that decrepitude. (Cave doesn’t posit what shape we’d be in if we were immortal.)

Here are some of Cave’s arguments for why death is good (indented quotes are from the article):

Why Evolution Is True

So God could make us not die, but he couldn’t keep us healthy forever? And that is because…?

Oh, that’s right: because you don’t win Templeton prizes by engaging with logical objections.


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