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Turkey: Atheism is a form of autism, says idiot

April 23, 2013

Autism associations around Turkey have reacted angrily after the head of Adana’s Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children reportedly said autistic children were “atheists due to a lack of a section for faith in their brains.”

“Autistic children do not know how to believe in God because they do not have a section for faith in their brains,” sociologist Fehmi Kaya reportedly said. “That is why they don’t know how to pray, how to believe in God. It is necessary to create awareness [or religion] in these children through methods of therapy.” 

He also reportedly said atheism was a form of autism.

Kaya’s statement caused a strong backlash in the country, with individuals and associations speaking out against his remarks. The president for the Association of Protection of Autistic Children (ODER), Engin Güngör, told the Hürriyet Daily News that the remarks were “unfortunate.”

“I do not know what purpose the statement serves,” Gungor said.

Hurriyet daily news

On the contrary, you know exactly what purpose it serves: it gets the loathsome bastard the support and backing of Turkey’s growing Islamic extremist movement. They’ll need a Minister for Thought Correction if the revolution succeeds, no doubt, and Kaya has just made himself a leading candidate.


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