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Australia: Female guru recommends self-immolation

April 23, 2013

Well, what else does ‘ignite your own spirit’ mean?

Kim Fraser came from a ”good Roman Catholic household”, was a successful barrister and a single mother of two children.

Now the central coast resident is Australia’s first female guru. Called Shakti Durga (meaning divine feminine force) she has disciples around the world following her multi-faith teaching. She has 20,000 followers on Facebook alone….

And Boo the dog has nearly 7,000,000 likes.

”There was this whole transmission of energy and consciousness where I realised my name was Shakti Durga and that I was meant to be a guru,” she says…

”People outside might find [it] confronting but for people given these names it’s like a pathway to understanding how your soul is going to live its life on Earth … a deliberate choice to live in accordance with what your soul is trying to get you to do and be.”

She teaches Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. In two weeks she is teaching about Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism.

Her soul’s purpose, she believes, is to help people ignite their own spirit and find peace within themselves….


Welcome to the kinder, cuddlier, wafflier Herald. But maybe there is a news story here after all: not many ex-Catholics end up believing something even more stupid.


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