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Australia: A ‘mature child of high intelligence’…

April 18, 2013

…prefers to die rather than get a blood transfusion.

A 17-year-old Jehovah’s Witness suffering from a lethal form of blood cancer and refusing treatment threatened to rip the IV needle out of his arm if doctors attempted a blood transfusion.

But the NSW Supreme Court has overruled the wishes of the patient, known only as ”X”, and his parents, ordering him to undergo the potentially lifesaving procedure….

In his judgment, Supreme Court Justice Ian Gzell said X had been ”cocooned in faith”…

Professor Marshall, who has 20 years’ experience treating children with cancer, told the Court X had an 80 per cent chance of dying from anaemia without a blood transfusion….

”The sanctity of life in the end is a more powerful reason for me to make the orders than is respect for the dignity of the individual,” Justice Gzell said in his ruling. ”X is still a child, although a mature child of high intelligence.”


Let’s hope that ‘high intelligence’ kicks in eventually. Let’s hope it gets a chance to.


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