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Burma: Anti-Muslim movement grows

April 15, 2013

Because for Burmese Buddhists to do to Muslims what Muslims are doing to non-Muslims in Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and Nigeria, and half-a-dozen other nations — well, it’s just not right.

A shadowy anti-Muslim movement known as 969 is spreading throughout central Myanmar, threatening the country’s historic democratic transition.

Pamphlets, stickers, DVDs and internet postings are spreading hatred towards the country’s Muslim minority following violence last month that left 43 people dead and turned Muslim neighbourhoods in central Mynamar to ashen ruins.

The surge in so-called Islamphobia has emerged as a major challenge for Myanmar’s reformist government with President Thein Sein calling for his country to learn from the violence and instability during a speech marking the start of Myanmar’s four-day New Year festival.


Yes, I’m sorry for them. But maybe they should have a word to their co-religionists about how it feels to be on the sharp end of religious persecution.


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