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Israel: Women with gall in shawl Wall brawl

April 13, 2013

A long-running battle over worship at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest shrine, has been rejoined as Israeli police arrested five Jewish women who wore prayer shawls at a morning service, contrary to Orthodox practice enforced at the site.

Thursday’s arrests came a day after disclosure of a potentially groundbreaking plan that could allow for non-Orthodox services to be held in the area on an equal footing with those conducted according to Orthodox tradition.

”The Wall belongs to all the people of Israel!” shouted Lesley Sachs, director of the activist group Women of the Wall, as she was led away by police officers, wrapped in a prayer shawl. An ultra-Orthodox heckler shouted: ”Get out of here! Don’t desecrate this holy place. It isn’t yours!”


And God can’t sort this kind of thing out for himself? What a poltroon he is!

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