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UK: Karen Armstrong tells us how to find God…

April 12, 2013

…Just keep talking till you run out of nonsense.

In the tenth century BC, the priests of India devised the Brahmodya competition, which would become a model of authentic theological discourse. The object was to find a verbal formula to define the Brahman, the ultimate and inexpressible reality beyond human understanding. The idea was to push language as far as it would go, until participants became aware of the ineffable. The challenger, drawing on his immense erudition, began the process by asking an enigmatic question and his opponents had to reply in a way that was apt but equally inscrutable. The winner was the contestant who reduced the others to silence. In that moment of silence, the Brahman was present – not in the ingenious verbal declarations but in the stunning realisation of the impotence of speech.

Literary Review – Karen Armstrong on Silence

How about a staring contest, where the last one to go cross-eyed writes the holy books?

Still, if Armstrong’s correct, our Parliamentarians must be very close to God.

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  1. I think staring contest would lead to faster results

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