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Australia: Protecting a cultural right to abuse

April 11, 2013

Yes, there are reasons why people from tribal cultures move out, go to cities and emigrate to the West. They’re not just being silly.

At what point does autonomy slide into apartheid? Do the rights of a culture outweigh those of its people? Why can’t we talk about this?...

To the pack rapes, genital mutilation, arranged marriages, wife beatings and routine child sex at the heart of our continent we turn a blind, terrified and – truly – conscience-stricken eye. A recent Sydney Institute talk by academics Stephanie Jarrett and Gary Johns laid it bare. Indigenous violence, they argued, is not “our” fault. Although alcohol-exacerbated, it is endemic to pre-contact indigenous culture.

via Elizabeth Farrelly — SMH

The right to live in the midst of squalor and violence should be consensual, not enforced.

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  1. Carole best permalink

    A great article by Farrelly. Tribalism is the culprit. And the pretentious idea of clinging to it for ‘the cultural value’.

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