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Nepal: Woman beaten and abused for ‘witchcraft’

April 8, 2013

Nepal’s women’s commission has condemned an attack in the remote west of the country on an elderly woman accused of witchcraft.

The 60-year-old woman was stripped naked and had her head shaved. She was fed excrement and badly beaten.

The woman was reportedly accused of using witchcraft to cause death and misfortune. The assault was apparently sanctioned by the village council.

Such attacks on vulnerable women are not uncommon in remote areas of Nepal.

Last year, villagers burnt alive a 40-year-old woman after claiming she was a witch.

BBC News

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  1. claysimpkins permalink

    This is very sad news to me as I have been to Nepal and experienced the kind nature of the people. I would like to make note that this is not the norm in Nepal and, like everywhere, is the result of religious extremists.

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