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Global: 58 failed predictions!

April 6, 2013

What follows are dozens of predictions for warmer winters made not long ago during the 2000s, many by leading scientists. What started as a simple Google search, turned into a list of false winter predictions for Central Europe, particularly Germany. By sheer coincidence reader Jimbo sent over his own list of false wintertime predictions made by “experts” in the US and Great Britain. I’ve combined the two lists and present one long list to you. Of course we still have to wait (90 years in some cases) to see how some of the predictions inevitably turn out, but current trends do not bode well for them.

Unfortunately, many of these predictions were passed on as reliable predictions to various sectors of industry, so that they could prepare for the new future that awaited. Many of these industries, like tourism, skiing, agriculture, highway maintenance, etc. based their investment decisions in part on these forecasts. As we now know, they turned out to be false – completely false – and the costs will be billions.


I predict this will finally bring alarmists to see how far they’ve been led up the garden path by doomsaying scientists and politicians!

Oh well, make that fifty-nine.

  1. Jon permalink

    If you measure somebody’s height every year on their birthday, then by the time they reach 25 it will be true that the the previous 12 years have been their tallest on record. That doesn’t mean they’re going to continue to grow, though. Nobody denies that there was an increase in global temperature between 1975 and 1997, or that temperature has plateaued since. What’s in dispute is whether it will continue to rise with increasing CO2 levels, as the climate change models predict. And the answer that nature is giving us is a decided No.

    Let’s also keep in mind that the ‘record’ we have is poor and patchy, especially from the 1980s on back into the past, and that there’s some reason to believe the official temperature figures have been fudged — sorry, ‘adjusted’ — by such worthies as James Hansen to support their AGW claims. But even if we assume the record is perfectly accurate, all it shows us is that temperatures went up for a while then stopped. And global CO2, meanwhile, is going gangbusters.

    Of course, if you make a squillon predictions at random, some will turn out to be true. But a ratio of 5% true and 95% false predictions from the same set of models doesn’t say much for that set, does it?

  2. claysimpkins permalink

    Predicting the outcome of weather is no easy task. Scientists use complex modelling from the data that is currently available to predict possible future weather events. Yes, some of the predictions may be wrong. However, alot of the predictions have been correct. The hottest (average) 12 years on record have been within the past 15 years. Coincidence?

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