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Afghanistan: Because they don’t have anything more urgent to worry about…

April 5, 2013
Not a drop of fossil fuel in sight!

Not a drop of fossil fuel in sight!

Afghanistan has taken another step towards implementing its national climate strategy by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol….

Classed as a developing or Non-Annex I country, it will not have to adopt any binding emission targets, but will be required to draw-up plans to develop a low carbon energy and transport system.

Joining Kyoto also allows the country to take part in the UN’s international emissions trading programmes; raising the prospect of richer nations investing in renewable energy and similar low carbon schemes in Afghanistan.

Tory Aardvark

Not actually do it, just draw up plans for it. So it’s ten minutes’ work for Achmed the office boy, and then they can strip down to their trunks and dive into the money trough. Unless we come to our senses by then, of course.

What makes this even more insane than usual is that Afghanistan already has a low-carbon transport system: it’s called camels, and women carrying things on their heads. As opposed to a civilised society.


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