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Iraq: Suicide truck bomb kills 11

April 2, 2013

Just another day under Islam…

A suicide truck bomber has killed 11 people at a police headquarters as data showed March was Iraq’s deadliest month since August, raising fears of a surge in violence leading up to elections.

The tanker truck was detonated at a police headquarters in Tikrit, the former dictator Saddam Hussein’s hometown 160 kilometres north of Baghdad, also wounding 59 people, according to security and medical officials. Among the victims were 10 policemen who died and 56 who were wounded, the sources said.

Also north of the capital, separate attacks in Mosul, Tuz Khurmatu and near Tikrit left a policeman dead, a town mayor and his two bodyguards wounded, and a tribal chief kidnapped and his bodyguard wounded, officials said.



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