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Australia: Misogyny and bullying alleged at Uniting Church college

March 28, 2013

Sydney University’s Wesley College is investigating reports of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment during Orientation Week, after two undercover magazine reporters snuck in to a number of on-campus parties posing as students.

The allegations, as reported by Cleo magazine, include excessive drinking, bullying and a series of ”hazing” rituals that reduced some female students to tears.


Wesley College — as the name indicates — is owned and run by the Uniting Church, whose ministers regularly lecture the Australian public about their reprehensible behaviour. Now we can see how things are managed in their own establishments.

What’s really interesting, though, is the enormous care that the Church has taken to ensure that no mention of their interest in the College appears on its website. It’s almost as if they think young people might not want to attend an institution run by people with bizarre and insane beliefs.

  1. Jon permalink

    Yes, it would be mistaken — if I had. But it’s not mistaken to point out that while many officials in the Uniting Church are keen to criticise what they regard as immoral behaviour in other people, they seem happy to let it continue in at least one institution under their direct control.

  2. It’s mistaken to imply this behavior is exclusive to religious institutions.

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