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Global: Don’t play hockey with the Team…

March 21, 2013

…their sticks keep breaking.

Yet another paper has been published in Science purporting to show a catastrophic rise in global temperature in the modern era. And of course it’s been shot down in flames by well-informed sceptics almost immediately:

The thing that intrigues me about attempts to revive AGW alarmism like this is what makes the authors think they can get away with it? I can only assume that having seen an earlier generation of alarmists get away with far more outrageous activities, they have a sense of entitlement: ‘they did it, why can’t we?’

So I wrote a song about it. Those of you fortunate enough to have forgotten the original can find it here:

There’s a little group sending in a paper to the journal Science.
It’s been torn to shreds by wiser heads, but they’re still shouting out in defiance.
“Other people publish series that are equally crap and they end up with fortune and fame…

What about us? It isn’t fair!
When Michael Mann did it no-one seemed to care!
PhD’s! That’s all we want!
And a stonking great big grant!”

Now there’s a commentator writing in support of the paper to the climate blog Watts Up With That.
He admits there’s mistakes, but hey, that’s the breaks; he’s got all of his excuses down pat.
“So what if it’s wrong? Can’t we all get along? Can’t we give the poor fellow a break?

Don’t be rude! It isn’t kind!
When Phil Jones did it no-one seemed to mind.
Misconduct in science is such a little charge
While Peter Gleick is still at large!”


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