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Vatican: Meet the new Pope…

March 15, 2013

…same as the old Pope?

In a surprise move today, Cardinals at  the Vatican elected an elderly white male Catholic of European descent to the Papacy.

It’s a bold step to appoint someone famous for his humility and notable for his ordinaryness, but apparently Jorge Maria Bergoglio was the runner-up last time so perhaps they felt it was time he was given a chance.

My theory is that the last days of the Vatican will parallel those of the Soviet Union. JPII was Brezhnev, holding on long after he had become a kind of stuffed dummy on wheels. Ratzinger was Chernenko; Bergoglio is Andropov; two ageing hard men noted for conservancy, worn out by the job in a list-ditch effort to turn back the tide. Bergoglio is seventy-six; perhaps when he drops off the perch one way or another, real reform can begin.


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