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UK: I am sailing, you are bailing…

March 15, 2013

To the tune of Sailing, by Gavin Sutherland.

As sung by the Sutherland Brothers and Rod Stewart.

Dedicated to Damon Linker and Jonathan Ree.

AC Grayling
AC Grayling
Thinks religion
Is insane.

Writes in books that
All the faithful
Ought to stop and
Think again.

Or apoplectic,
Christian critics

Claim that Grayling’s
Major failing
Is a lack of

“It’s not right to —
It’s impolite to —
Make a mock of
Our belief.

“Though it’s daft, you
Must use craft to
See the meaning

AC Grayling,
Still prevailing,
Makes it clear that
That’s a crock.

“If you can’t
Agree on basics,
Then your ‘meaning’s’
Bull and cock.”

Still demanding
God’s reviewers
Lose their cool.

In replying
To their lying,
Comments show just
Who’s the fool.


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