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Malaysia: Daily Life Under Islam, Part 4 — 31 dead

March 5, 2013

Malaysian troops began a ground and aerial assault on armed insurgents in the eastern state of Sabah today to end a standoff with a Muslim clan from the Philippines that invaded last month to assert a territorial claim.

“This is to soften the ground before troops move in,” a spokesman for Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a phone interview, confirming the assault by seven battalions began at about 7am local time. “We want to get them out.”

At least 31 people have died over the past week in clashes between Malaysian police and followers of Jamalul Kiram, a Filipino who asserts he’s the sultan of Sulu, and who is pressing a centuries-old territorial claim to commodities-rich Sabah.


Or he could just, you know, hire a lawyer.


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