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Global: Not your father’s ‘Playboy’

March 3, 2013

Al Qaeda publishes a weekly magazine. And guess what? They want lots of people dead.

“Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam,” the page reads. The list includes: Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Flemming Rose, Morris Swadiq, Salman Rushdie, Girt Wilders [sic], Lars Vilks, Stephane Charbonnie, Carsten Luste, Terry Jones, and Kurt Westergaard.

No further reason is provided to explain why these folks were singled out for the hit list, though many are notable critics of radical Islam. 

“Yes We Can,” the image reads. “A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away.”

“Defend Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,” the image reads.

The Weekly Standard

Way to go on persuading people that Islam is a religion of love and tolerance.


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