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Vatican: And they’re R-r-r-acing!

March 1, 2013

Get out your top hats and best frocks — it’s nearly time for the Papal Sweepstakes!

As Pope Benedict XVI steps down and the race for the top job begins, a Papal Conclave simply wouldn’t be the same without a sweepstake. As well as having a flutter on your favourite cardinal, give yourself a second chance of a windfall by pooling together with work colleagues, or a combination of family and friends, and having a lucky dip. It looks like an open race, so best of luck!

Rationalist Association

Cardinal Pell? Nobbled back at the stables.

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  1. Carole permalink

    Thought it was funny that Pell siad he thought the new Pope should provide a bit ‘more discipline’! You would have thought that people with ‘God’s authority’ would possess something called “SELF DISCIPLINE’ like the rest of us have!

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