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Australia: D-I-Y Sharia law — making it up as you go along

February 28, 2013

Four men have been found guilty of giving a Sydney electrician 40 lashes with a cable, which they said was a punishment under Islamic law for drinking alcohol and using drugs…

Mr Maloney said that, from the outset, prosecutors were clear the case was not about sharia, or about the Islamic faith.

Because mistaking sadistic and stupid punishments for Islamic judicial doctrine is the kind of natural mistake that anyone could make.

The court heard Mr Martinez drank alcohol and took drugs on July 15 and 16, 2011, before he called Fayad, who had been his spiritual leader, and said he wanted help to get off drugs and make a fresh start….

Fayad, Cifci and Coskun then went to Mr Martinez’s unit late on July 16 and Fayad whipped him while the others held him down on a bed.

“Mr Fayad counted out the lashes and when he came up to number 10 … he gave Mr Martinez a break,” Mr Maloney said.

“Mr Martinez went into the bathroom and vomited.”

Here’s a tip: if your ‘spiritual leader’ ever suggests forcing you down on a bed and lashing you with electrical flex, you probably need a new spiritual leader.

But let’s give credit to the local imam:

After the whipping, Mr Martinez sought advice from from Sheik Omar el Banna, the imam of the Omar Mosque in Auburn.

In a statement to the court, the sheik said the men’s actions were not sanctioned by the Islamic community in any way.


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    After that, I’d be hanging out for a drink! Jeez….

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