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UK: Scottish Cardinal resigns after ‘inappropriate behaviour’ allegations

February 26, 2013

Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigned as Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh on Monday, saying he won’t attend the coming conclave of cardinals to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI…

The resignation comes close on the heels of a report in The Observer newspaper in the U.K. on Sunday, which detailed allegations of inappropriate behavior against Cardinal O’Brien that date back to the 1980s…

The Observer report said that three priests and a former priest had recently made complaints to the Vatican, via its ambassador in the U.K, about alleged actions by the cardinal over a period of years. One of the complaints, the paper said, involves a now-married man who was a seminarian at St. Andrew’s College in 1980 and claims that the cardinal made an inappropriate approach. The man was ordained but later left the priesthood.

Three other priests, all unnamed, made similar statements, delivered to the Vatican’s ambassador in Britain, in which they described various types of inappropriate approaches by Cardinal O’Brien.

Let’s be clear on this — a priest making homosexual approaches to consenting adults is not a problem, unless he does it on work time. A priest making homosexual approaches while continuing to support and endorse an official Church program of bigotry and intolerance towards homosexuality is.

And the really big news in this story: a) some priests actually reported it and b) action was taken.


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