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Australia: More Catholic cover-ups

February 23, 2013

The letter written by Stinson provides an insider’s view of the desperate efforts of a handful of priests to have action taken against Harris. When the archbishop stonewalled, the paedophile priest was moved to the next parish then left free to roam for almost 50 years…

Though Archbishop Costelloe was forced to release the letter, he did so only after it was heavily redacted. It begins: ”Your Lordship, It is with deep regret that I feel it my duty to submit the following report concerning my curate, Father Brian Harris.” The next paragraph is blacked out as are many names of other priests. Stinson then describes a day when he returned to his Perth presbytery early…

Starting with Prendiville, there have now been five consecutive archbishops of Perth who have had charge of this information….

Current and previous Perth archbishops had refused to release the document which reveals the activities of a known paedophile priest – Brian Harris, who died last May.

Tim Costelloe, the current archbishop, and Barry Hickey, former archbishop praised him in a glowing obituary….


Because all he did was rape children.


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