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Global: Welcome to the sausage factory!

February 18, 2013

How AGW alarmist ‘statistics’ are manufactured:

• Munich Re pulled some hugely improbable climate death numbers out of their corporate fundamental orifice, numbers that are clearly designed to help them sell insurance. They have no relationship to reality.

• These bogus numbers were then swallowed hook, line and sinker, and regurgitated in a report issued by Kofi Annan’s pet foundation.

• The report was then quoted by Kofi Annan.

• Kofi Annan was then quoted by Guzman

• Guzman was then quoted by the South China Morning Post.

And there we have the impeccable pedigree and provenance of the claim of 300,000 dead from climate change every year … garbage top to bottom.

Watts Up With That?

They missed the last part: you shell out for pointless schemes intended to prevent catastrophes that aren’t occurring in the first place.


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