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UK: Green policy champion also an abusive husband, court told

February 8, 2013

Disgraced MP [ex-Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change] Chris Huhne pressured his ex-wife into having an abortion because it was “bad timing”, she has told a court.

Vicky Pryce said she became pregnant in 1990 while married to the former energy secretary, but he encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy.

Pryce was giving evidence at Southwark crown court, in London, where she denies perverting the course of justice by accepting Huhne’s speeding points in 2003.Athens-born Pryce said she met Huhne in 1982, a year after her first marriage ended, and, despite her having “second thoughts” and breaking off their engagement, they married a year later.

At that time he was a journalist at the Guardian, she said, with aspirations in politics….

In 2003, when Huhne’s car was clocked speeding, she said he nominated her as the driver without consulting her, and then pressured her to sign the form saying she was the driver…

“My husband was standing by the form which actually I had just left and abandoned myself on the table, maybe a couple of days earlier, with a pen in his hand, saying: ‘You have absolutely got to sign that. If you don’t, the implications will be considerable. It’s ridiculous you’re not signing it, just sign here’.”


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