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US: Catholic cardinal admits to no original thought since 1964

February 2, 2013

Which should come as no surprise to anyone.

A US Catholic cardinal stripped of his duties says he didn’t know how to handle sex abuse claims as he had not learned about it at college – drawing withering criticism from victims.

Retired Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony wrote on his blog on Friday that he was not taught about child sexual abuse, a day after was relieved of all administrative and public duties” by the current archbishop of LA….

“Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem,” Mahony wrote, in an open letter to LA Archbishop Jose Gomez, who succeeded Mahony in 2011.

“In two years (1962-1964) spent in graduate school earning a Masters Degree in Social Work, no textbook and no lecture ever referred to the sexual abuse of children,” he said.

The Australian

So it clearly didn’t happen. If reality conflicts with Catholic teaching then reality is wrong, and that’s all there is to it.


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