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UK: Health warning — your doctor may believe in demons

January 30, 2013

Although people who call themselves Christians vary hugely, organisations with “Christian” in the title are usually dangerous extremists. The only immediate exception I can think of is Christian Aid. Here in the UK we have:…

The Christian Medical Fellowship, who worry me the most. If my GP believes my sickness is a result of my sins, I want to be informed before my appointment. And as I’m about to explain, CMF members might also believe your sickness is the result of demonic possession. Yeah, you read that right….

Here are some highlights from an article on their website (originally published in their journal, Nucleus), called Demon Possession and Mental Illness.

The New Testament tells us that Jesus has commissioned us to ‘ drive out demons’ (Mk 16:17), and we must be ready to respond to this commission if and when we are called to do so.

Psychiatry, then, is not the only domain within which we need to be aware of demonic influence, and perhaps it is not even the most important such domain. Furthermore, we cannot expect to make a simple differential diagnosis according to certain signs or symptoms of demonisation. However, this does not exclude the need to consider other possible links between demonic activity and mental illness.

Leaving Fundamentalism

Here’s how to tell if your doctor is a member:

— Does he or she ask you if your head is spinning right round on your neck?
— Does their prescription call for a ‘bell, book and candle’?
Does their bill include charges for holy water?

Or just check the regional contact list, and make damn sure that none of these quacks ever comes within reach of you or anyone you care about.

  1. corio37 permalink

    For one thing the Queen’s power is largely ceremonial; for another, if she started to attack medical lunacy in public life she would have to attack it in her own family as well. But I agree that allowing this kind of thing will bring all British doctors into disrepute.

  2. Such nonsense can happen in the USA precisely because we have no state religion and permit men to be freely stoopid. Why does the Anglican church, whose head is the British queen, put up with this insanity? Can’t she remove each fool physician’s charter? Failing that, can’t she withdraw the charter from the College of Physicians, if they won’t act?

  3. corio37 permalink

    Point taken. I was hoping to find a membership list somewhere on the website, but they appear to have thought better of it. But you could always ask their contact person to alert you to any demon-believing doctors in your neighbourhood.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. But I don’t think the regional contact list is a complete list of their membership: It only lists 37 contacts, out of a supposed membership of 4000.

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