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US: Georgia government gives credits to anti-gay schools

January 27, 2013

The 400 students at a private school in Woodstock, for example, must adhere to a policy that states, “Homosexual behavior, whether an ‘immoral act’ or ‘identifying statement,’ is incompatible with enrollment at Cherokee Christian Schools and is a basis for dismissal.”

A male student at the Shiloh Hills Christian School in Kennesaw, who utters “I like boys” or “I am a homosexual” will be expelled.

And at the 800-student Providence Christian Academy 20 miles north of Atlanta, a student who is gay, lesbian or bisexual or supports people who are could be kicked out…

Steve Suitts, the vice president of the foundation and the author of the report, said that as many as a third of the schools in the scholarship program have strict antigay policies or adhere to a religious philosophy that holds homosexuality as immoral or a sin.

Maybe one day somebody could explain to me why the religious right is so horribly, paralytically, pants-shittingly scared of homosexuality? What do they imagine is going to happen if two people of the same sex happen to get it on?

If we can understand this phobia, perhaps we can employ the power somehow — have gay sex in fundamentalist churches, maybe, so they can’t use them any more.


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