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US: Scientology to be sued for fraud

January 26, 2013

Misusing funds, not making up shit.

The Church of Scientology is facing a multimillion-dollar wave of lawsuits from defectors who claim it misused donations to pay for its leader’s lavish lifestyle.

A couple from California, who alleged they were defrauded of US$420,000 ($402,000) filed this week what their lawyer said would be the first of up to 20 cases being prepared against the church, which denied any wrongdoing….

”The church, under the leadership of David Miscavige, has strayed from its founding principles and morphed into a secular enterprise whose primary purpose is taking people’s money,” the couple alleged.

They said funds were instead used ”to finance the lavish lifestyle of Miscavige”, to ”stifle inquiries” into the church’s activities and to ”intimidate members and ex-members”.


I can see two possible outcomes: 1) the court decides that anyone falling for Scientology is a complete idiot who would have lost their money somehow anyway, and throws out the case: 2) The plaintiffs win, more cases follow, Scientology goes broke, and the US legal profession starts looking for bigger game.

Priests vs. lawyersit’s a scary scenario.

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