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Germany: A Catholic hospital’s worst nightmare…

January 20, 2013

a rape victim seeking help.

Irmgard Maiworm, an emergency centre doctor, first treated the 25-year-old woman when she walked into the centre in the early hours of December 15 saying that she believed that she had been sedated with a date-rape drug and sexually assaulted.

Dr Maiworm called the neighbouring St Vincent’s Hospital, run by the Catholic Foundation of the Cellites, to arrange a gynaecological examination – but she said doctors “fearful of their jobs” refused the request.

According to Dr Maiworm, the hospital’s ethics committee, following consultation with Archbishop of Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner, had decided not to conduct examinations of sexual assault victims to avoid having to be in the position to recommend options such as the morning-after pill, which run contrary to Catholic teachings.

Another hospital run by the same organisation also refused to help, Dr Maiworm claimed.



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