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US: This week’s Good Cause

January 14, 2013

Do we detect a hint of cynicism?

Hi! :^) Brytni Ambyr* is an attractive blonde female out to save the gender-neutral kittens of the world from abuse by global warming through Happy Thoughts. Have you ever thought about what it would like to be forced to wear little fur coats through an endless summer? That’s like so cruel! :^(

Brytni will use your generous contributions to create lots of Happy Thoughts! She wishes she could save every little sweet creature. But she will do what she can to be Happy! and use your donations to be Happy! and save the ones she can. Aside from Happy Thoughts!, she will also do her part by adopting a gender-neutral kitten (or even a gendered kitti, and spaying/neutering it), and treating it sooo nice. She’ll give it love, treats, and a nice air-conditioned place to live. This will make Brytni AND the kitten Happy!! Double-plus-good Happy Thoughts! Enough Happy Thoughts and Happy Cats may even hold off the global warming!


No, surely not.


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