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Global: It’s All Over Now, Warmist Wal

January 14, 2013

(Bob Dylan helped a little with the music)

You must leave now, don’t take any more, you’ve had enough.
In fact, before you go, we’d better check your stuff.
Are you surprised we feel the way we feel,
When you make ‘heroes’ out of men who steal?
But the lies they’ve told are going to take their toll.
It’s all over now, Warmist Wal.

Your Climate Summit Conferences are shrinking fast,
The snow and ice are back — you said they’d never last.
The sceptic scientists you refused to meet,
Are finding other reasons for the heat.
Your policies are losing every poll.
And it’s all over now, Warmist Wal.

Al Gore has got his payoff and abandoned you.
It’s time for some Supreme Court writs to land on you.
Your models are completely out of whack
Since stable global temperatures came back.
Pick up the dice and try another roll…
It’s all over now, Warmist Wal.

The Tropospheric Hotspot never showed for you.
You can’t even trust the programmers who code for you.
Your acid seas distraction quickly failed,
You’re two-faced, but your tests are not two-tailed.
Your lobbyists are queuing for the dole,
And it’s all over now, Warmist Wal.

We’ll be much better off when we’re bereft of you.
But now a small shrill rump is all that’s left of you.
Reduced to pointing at each passing storm,
And screaming: “That just happened ‘cos it’s warm!”
Give back the Nobel, crawl into your hole.
For it’s all over now, Warmist Wal.

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  1. Keith AB permalink

    Well we have already had our fatwa as Parncutt wants us all put to death for denying the one true religion.

    Good lyrics man. I have passed them on.

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