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Canada: If it’s Thursday, then it must be Ask A Confabulist Day!

January 14, 2013

Dead kids, good God — what’s up with that?

Ask the Religion Experts: How can we explain a tragedy like the Newtown shootings?

Ottawa Citizen

It’s appropriate, because these guys wrote the book on crazy! Here’s a summary, so you don’t have to read it:

Jews: Dunno.

Anglicans: ‘Cos people are shite and God hates us.

Sikhs: God knows, we don’t.

Muslims: Can we have more time, please?

Bah’ai: God? What God?

Hindus: See Sikhs above.

Atheists: Stupid question!

Buddhism: Dunno why it happened, but Buddhism could have prevented it.

Catholics: God gave us this great stuff, so dodge the question.

Fundamentalist Christians: God da man, dude! Don’t give him no shit, yo!

How come they didn’t ask any Satanists?

Update: I didn’t realise, but at the Ottawa Citizen every Thursday is Ask A Confabulist Day!

  1. corio37 permalink

    Thanks, Veronica — will do. It occurs to me that what Atheism and Humanism really needs right now is some sort of central clearing-house for all the blogs and forums to link from, rather like WattsUpWithThat does for climate change sceptics. I’m way too busy right now, but maybe that will be a retirement project…

  2. Hello Jon

    I read your comments at Choice in Dying and your last one directed me here. I really like your title for the column: “Ask a Confabulist Day.” I sent a link to this post and to your comment on the Jan. 31 Ottawa Citizen column to Kevin Smith. You also made me realize something as well. When I first started writing posts on the Ask the Religion Experts column, it was in the print edition on Sundays; there is no longer a Sunday edition. I was told that the column would be featured in the print edition on Saturdays, and I never noticed that it goes on line on Thursdays until I looked at the online date.

    You may be interested in checking out AtheismTV, a Canadian video site, at Full disclosure, I contribute summaries of articles for “The Infidel; News for the Damned” videos.


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