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UK: The Guardian jumps the shark…

January 11, 2013

…for about the five hundredth time.

The world’s climate could be hijacked by a rogue country or wealthy individual firing small particles into the stratosphere, claims a warning that comes not from a new Hollywood movie trailer but a sober report from the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Sorry, guys, but that was actually a prerelease version of the plot for the next James Bond movie — The Man With The NanoParticle Gun.

“Take that, Mr Bond! And that! Andthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthatandthat….”


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