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UK: Idiot mother endangers son

December 8, 2012

And not just by giving him a stupid name.

A mother who ran away with her seven-year-old son to prevent him having life-saving radiotherapy last night claimed that a doctor told her the treatment would ‘fry his brains’.

Sally Roberts, 37, has been giving her seriously ill son Neon alternative therapies as he recovers from surgery to remove a brain tumour.

But doctors disagree with her decision to use only natural medicine and have started legal proceedings, arguing that Neon’s chances of surviving will be ‘dramatically reduced’ if he does not undergo radiotherapy soon….

A High Court judge made the extremely rare ruling that Neon could be named in an attempt to find him after Mr Roberts, 34, became concerned at having not heard from his wife and son in four days.

But Mrs Roberts said she was out of contact because she was in Sussex taking Neon for treatment in an oxygen chamber and does not carry a mobile phone in case it affects his health….

However, Mrs Roberts, who lives near Tiverton, Devon, claims that when a doctor explained this, he referred to the procedure as ‘frying his brains’.

Mail Online

Mind you, the doctor didn’t help matters any.


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