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Europe: Stop the presses again!

December 7, 2012

Taxpayer-funded, hysteria-driven, untested, unnecessary, pointless, expensive carbon dioxide sequestration projects fail.

Who would have thought it?

All European projects this year for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas blamed for global warming, have fallen through, EU sources said Thursday.

The aim was for energy and other industrial facilities producing large amounts of CO2 to capture and then store the gas underground as part of efforts to limit climate change.

European Parliament member Chris Davis, of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party, had championed the CO2 capture/storage scheme and expressed deep disappointment at the latest development.

“Hopes of Europe becoming a world leader in the development of a key technology to combat global warming have been dashed,” Davies said.

Yahoo! News UK

According to a spokesperson, Davies was particularly concerned at the prospect of having to give taxpayers some of their money back, but was later reassured by his legal advisor that there was no precedent for this.


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