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Australia: Man who thinks that blobs of cells are human and sick people should be compelled to remain alive is ‘sociopath’

November 23, 2012

So what else is new?

Cardinal George Pell showed a ‘‘sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and response of the Catholic hierarchy’’ to parents whose daughters were repeatedly raped by a priest, the Victorian inquiry into child abuse has been told.

Anthony Foster told how they met the cardinal – now Archbishop of Sydney – when he was Melbourne Archbishop, in a furniture storage room at a Melbourne presbytery. They were squeezed on to a narrow wooden bench, while he sat in a ‘‘grandiose’’ padded leather chair.

He expressed no emotion when shown a picture of the Fosters’ daughter Emma harming herself – she later killed herself – and told them: ‘‘If you don’t like what we are doing, take us to court.’’


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  1. Of course he’s a sociopath. He joined the RCC, didn’t he? And he continued covering up this shit ever since his god failed to smite him.

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