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Australia: Let’s play Hide the Pedophile!

November 23, 2012

THE Catholic Church’s little-known treatment clinic for clergy with psychosexual problems harboured known paedophiles and shielded them from police scrutiny.

Whistleblowers closely involved with the now defunct Encompass Australasia program allege paedophile clergy were diagnosed with a ”mood disorder” in order for them to be treated at Sydney’s Wesley Private Hospital and meet private health insurance criteria.

A well-placed source aware of the status of some clergy treated by Encompass Australasia between 1997 and 2008 said he believed several did not have a mood disorder but were ”cold and calculating criminals” who bragged about their exploits with children to others while at the hospital.

”Some of these people were not mentally ill, in my opinion. They were criminals who knew exactly what they had done and were proud of their achievements,” the source, who asked not to be named for fear of being sacked, said. ”People who should have been in Long Bay Jail were still living in the community.”


  1. corio37 permalink

    The more I think of this, the more I come to believe that it’s fundamentally wrong and evil to make a profession of lifelong celibacy a requirement for entry into a particular profession. It doesn’t matter what that profession is; by setting a celibacy barrier you guarantee that your recruits will begin as guilt-ridden penitents and end as accomplished liars and manipulators of others — and all with a strong motivation to hide and prevaricate about their behaviour and that of their colleagues.

  2. Rob permalink

    This is the source document that started all the talk about the Encompass Centre

    Archbishop Wilson Quoted as stating numbers of Abuse claim declining in spite of record number of Cases being listed.

    As a result of the NSW Wood Royal Commission, the then spokeman for the Catholic Church, Fr Brian Lucas, gave a commitment “the establishment of Encompass Australia by the Church in association with the University of New South Wales to provide treatment facilities for offenders (1997 Wood Royal Commission Para 1.91 Pg 1007).
    This was also quoted in the current Victorian Inquiry as a method of controlling predators in the clergy.
    Opened in 1997 by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Encompass treated more than 1,100 people, 250 of them in an intensive six month residential psychosexual program, according to its final newsletter.
    Interestingly according to the Australian Bishops Conference there were 4206 Male Clergy (including Brothers of Religious Orders) in 2005 according to Australian Catholic News.
    Thus over 25% of Male Clergy had reason to be treated for Psychosexual issues, which according to the Collins Dictionary defines as “of or relating to the mental aspects of sex, such as sexual fantasies “.
    In the USA where a number of Diocee have chosen to list Perpetrators, the highest percentage has only been declared as 10% according to independent sources.
    There have been numerous studies about the Psychosexual Development of Clergy, and whilst these findings are informative, the fact remains that a large number of these Men Of God had reason to seek Treatment.
    The Centre that was located at Kincumber on the NSW Central Coast, which is in the Diocese of Broken Bay, was closed by Bishop Wilson in 2008 on the basis that a cost of $200,000 per annum was too expensive, according to former Board Member Timothy O’Hearn. Bishop Wilson was quoted at the time in the Australian Catholic News as stating, “Encompass was a structure that served well when its services were in higher demand, but it was no longer viable.”
    The centre was based on the approach of Professor Bill Marshall who believes that Paedophiles can be treated using various desensitizing techniques and also the use of anti-androgens (Chemical Castration).
    Over the past 36 years Marshall has become one of the world’s most prominent authorities on sexual deviance and treatment of offenders. So what is distinctive about clerical child molesters? Not much, he says. “A child molester is a child molester is a child molester.”
    Except that sexually abusive priests are notably more narcissistic, more self-obsessed. “They have a very strong need to have people treat them with awe and respect. That inevitably comes with being a priest, I assume, but these guys are different from other priests. That really is cranked up in volume.
    “That’s kind of handy. It’s one of the things we suggested to the Vatican . . . as a policy recommendation for selection to the seminary. They might want to select out those guys.”
    Professor Marshall is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry at Queen’s University and is the Director of Rockwood Psychological Services. He has been involved in treating and conducting research on sexual offenders for the past 35 years, during which time he has been an advisor to prison services in 12 countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

    Along with five other experts, he was invited to meet with the Pontifical Council for Life in the Vatican to advise them on how best to deal with sexually abusive priests and religious.

    Professor Marshall’s research has confirmed the universal traits of sex offenders, whether they be clerical and religious offenders or offenders from within other institutions or areas of society. His research has also drawn the link between sexual abuse and the abuse of power.
    “A lot of these fellows are fairly obsessed . . . and they masturbate to fantasies,” Marshall says. “When a man ejaculates he goes into a refractory state where he is unresponsive to the kinds of things that would be sexually stimulating, and that state persists . . . for at least 10 minutes.
    “So what we do in that 10-minute period is get them to rehearse their deviant fantasies over and over again. They don’t want to do it; they get bored with it because they are thinking about their fantasies under conditions where they are not being rewarded. I call that procedure satiation, and it’s used in every program around the world because it works.”
    The programs also focus on teaching the offenders to recognise when they are creating the circumstances for their own offending. “We ask them to give us a disclosure on what they did – how they got themselves into that position. Opportunities don’t happen miraculously – these guys create them in all kinds of ways, ways that they pretend to themselves they are not doing.
    “We all deceive ourselves and these guys are very good at that. We help them get out of that self-deception strategy. We make them see ‘this is when you decided it; it might not have been at your full awareness, but that’s how you got into that car with that little child’.”
    Most offenders come from “unfortunate backgrounds”, and with that comes the inability to form effective relationships and attachments. Crucial in re-ordering their lives, however, is recognising, and taking responsiblity for the harm they have caused.
    About 5 per cent of offenders are so out of control with deviant thoughts and urges that they are treated with anti-androgens – so-called chemical castration – in order to become amenable to treatment.
    “Lupron is probably the best of them. The way we use it is not actually chemical castration. Our aim is to get testosterone levels down to the bottom end of the normative range. We want them to have some sex drive. We want them to be able to control it.
    “Particularly sadists. Those fellows we get on anti-androgens and keep them on them for the forseeable future.”
    Marshall says the aim of the program is to offer sex offenders a life free of the costs of offending, of lying to others, of manipulating people, of the danger of being caught and humiliated.
    “We offer them a life that’s much more promising and supported by relationships that will meet a proper range of needs,” he says. “You can’t meet your intimacy needs with a child or in forcing someone to have sex with you. You meet your intimacy needs with an equal.”
    Dr Tony Robinson of Encompass said Professor Marshall’s work is at the cutting edge of research into the nature and treatment of sexual offenders.

    “The Catholic Church established Encompass in 1997 as one of nine strategies to address sexual abuse within its faith communities and within society more generally. Some people wonder if sexual abusers deserve money spent on their treatment. However, if in most cases, that treatment can mean that they never harm another victim, then the money is well worth it.”
    The church appears to not have learnt anything about the effects of historical Abuse on survivors with the Church continuing to seek to defend accusations on the Sargent Shultz approach, “I Know Nothing”.
    The Church has appeared to move away from denial of events occurring, to a stance of denial of Responsibility, even when faced with gross negligence of maintaining Clergy in ministry or in the employing of convicted Paedophiles.
    This is taking the “All care and no responsibility” to the extreme.
    The readers may be aware of the Ellis Defence, being that the Catholic Church as an entity does not exist, and this was again attempted in a recent Supreme Court defence but was declined by the Courts. However under a Judge in the NSW Supreme Court a matter was dismissed against the Archdiocese of Sydney as “disclosing no reasonable cause of action”. Simply meaning that as the action was against a religious order, the Patrician Brothers in this instance, that the Archdiocese can not be held responsible as it was not a Diocesan school at the time of the abuse.
    This abuse has nothing to do with an Ellis Defence and is Criminal.
    The veil of Smoke and Mirrors has been used again.
    As a student of the Catholic School structure, we have been taught to proudly state when an error has been made and take our punishment. Time for the powers at be to apply the same.
    Excuses given by the Catholic Church over time to victims and the community:
    • We are all victims here.
    • Look Ma, they did it too!
    • But the (Anglicans, Mormons, Baptists and Scouts) are in trouble also.
    • It’s just a few bad apples.
    • These are all old claims.
    • What about our good work?
    • Blame the Victims.
    • Blame the Media.
    • Trying to protect the privacy of the Victims.
    • You Misunderstood.
    • You encouraged it.
    • We are doing everything possible.
    When these excuses do not work, the use of trusts and the hiding behind corporate structures are applied.
    Simple, who employed them, who supervised them, who paid them, someone somewhere is responsible. There is not one church at present they are all clambering over each other to avoid responsibility.
    Forget the SS Titanic, watch the Catholic Church under the Mismanagement, of Revs Pell, Lucas and Wilson.
    This is not the Church that Jesus designed.
    “But whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

  3. So much for following Jesus’ advice. “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

    Or perhaps they are, in a sense, by pushing these children to suicide. Sick fuckers.

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